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The topic we will discuss today is really interesting in today’s world and yes it is about one of the richest guy in the world and it shows how Elon Musk used his magical brain, consistency, and hard work to become everyone dream person, and here we will also check out how Elon Musk IQ helped him starting his incredible journey and became a role model for other people.


  • Who is Elon Musk
  • What is Intelligence Quotient(IQ)
  • Elon musk IQ level
  • Genius from an early age
  • Genius at business
  • Tesla
  • SpaceX

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Who Is Elon Musk?

The full name of this genius is Elon Reeve Musk and was born in Pretoria one of South Africa’s three capital cities, in 1971.

Elon Musk is the owner and CEO of Tesla a car manufacturing company and SpaceX a rocket manufacturing company and also owns other different companies.

Elon Musk is a Falcon of today’s world and is known as a super genius because the brain he used to move to the top richest persons in very little time and yes there must be hardworking determination and consistency along with genius.

What Is Intelligence Quotient(IQ)?

IQ stands for intelligence quotient and when it comes to a person IQ it means how he pick a situation and reason out the best problem and how he solves it by his genius mind or handling a situation by his intelligence and smartness. In short, it is the sum of someone’s memory and intelligence to solve out different problems with the best solution and make the best ways for everything in life.

A person’s IQ is also judged by how he handles the hard situation by applying his smartness and also his intelligence.

A person’s smartness and intelligence are two different things that both come in IQ criteria but Smart and Intelligence come from two different aspects. The former is depends on the latter but the latter is not coming from the first one. One person who is intelligent must be born with intelligence inbuilt, it’s an evolved form of a human being and transferred through human genes. But it’s the fact that some persons may be dull due to their intelligence level still under development or have not even developed much. But by gaining knowledge using intelligence one can be from smarter to smartest. He or she becomes shining with the smartest personality if their Intelligence nourished well.

Elon Musk IQ Level:

Elon has proven himself, establishing some smart business models, Like PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla, etc that he is one of the most intelligent persons alive in the world. His smartness and intelligence make him one of the richest people in the world.

The most accurate number of his IQ is near around 155. But it’s fact that no doubt the person who sells computer coding and games at an early age, at 80’s decade must have something bigger than the general public think about.

It is clear that Elon was born genius and we know smartness comes from life experience and learning and the best example is when everyone doubted about Elon business that he is making silly decisions and it will cost him everything and yes it was true but not that much as in recent years everyone is surprised that the silly decisions changed to amazing strategies of Elon as Tesla produced 50000 in one year and SpaceX landed the space missiles and now everyone is applauding him.

There is no doubt in Elon’s genius and smartness but yes he is a super determined guy with a big heart.

Genius From An Early Age:

Elon Musk IQ was exceptional and it can be seen from the age of 14 when he earned his first 500$ just by selling a computer game.

When we look back at Elon’s early life he was an extraordinary guy with an intense degree of focus.

He was the guy who knew the topic and situation better than everyone. That’s why he achieved everything he dreamed of and is still on the path of greatness.

The genius and someone has driven beyond all reason to succeed. A brilliant, talented boy who created the future instead of waiting for it

Genius At Businesses:  

There was a time when Elon has to choose one business out of Tesla and SpaceX to survive. It was because of huge losses and crises. But this man used extraordinary smartness and vision which led him to the top with both companies.


Tesla motors

Tesla is car producing company with amazing features like autopilot and they are electric cars that are environmentally friendly. Everyone is praising Elon’s genius invention. Most of the countries are willing to change the Petroleum cars with electric energy.

Pakistan’s government also has contacted Elon to bring Tesla to Pakistan as everyone knows the future is electric cars.

There was a time when the investors and stock analysts refused Tesla. They said that Tesla would not survive as their models are not sustainable. But that didn’t matter for Musk and his vision and genius surprised everyone.



It is a space rockets company whose owner is Elon Musk. It’s the first-ever spacecraft company that landed rocket space missiles on the earth’s surface. It contains an Earth space station that is a Space center generally where the rocket lands back after returning from space.

The rocket launches from Earth’s surface and revolves in an orbit around the Earth in space. This Spaceflight is on a mission of Space-exploration. Trained Astronauts travel in space by the space-shuttle and when they have to land on some other planet the Capsule section of the spacecraft is removed.

This is also one of the masterpieces of Sir Elon Musk as everyone said it’s impossible. But Musk’s vision as we know is something extraordinary. He applied for his everything money, brain, efforts, and at last, in 2015 SpaceX landed its first-ever space missile.


Everyone is born with some intelligence but only exceptional people have a great IQ level. They are exceptional in their skills and thoughts. Elon Musk IQ is a God gift that is a blessing. He is too innovative because of his IQ. Bur remember one thing not only Intelligent people are successful. History reveals that hard work in a smart way will definitely lead you towards success.

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  1. There is a fine line between ‘genius’ and ‘insane’.
    Insanity starts when you believe that your insane and inhumane actions are genius.

    A genius is not a god but still human, too. Geniuses tend to think otherwise but and that makes them insane.

    Elon Musk is an evil minded insane creature, just as Bill Gates, Fauci and the rest of the NWO pack. Nature will take care of this pest.

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